Sailing trips
Eastern Crete and beyond

Daily trips in Sitia bay to Dionisades Islands or Mochlos are offered three times a week in the months of May Junes September Ocober.

Daily trips on South East Crete are offered three times a week in Jully and August to Vai-Itanos or Kato Zakros.

Few day trips are also available to Chrisi Island.

Kassos-Karpathos islands may also be a choise.

Birthdays and other special events may be organized.

Romantic evenings on sea.

Trip dates and reservations from Itanos Tours...

Sailing on Crete

Come and sail the radical winds of Eastern Crete. The sea breezes are unique to the Cretan lifestyle giving constant energy and freshness to the environment attracting windsurfers and sailors from around the world. Our boat is a Bavaria 47 foot.

Eastern Crete is the place of unique beauty and fresh winds. Crete is the island os "Aeolos", god of the wind. During summer months, when temperature rises on land, strong winds are created between the hot land and the cool sea. These winds are called "meltemia" and blow all summer long keeping Estern Crete fresh. In the middle of the day these wings grow stronger.


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